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The Barefoot Movement

The barefooting movement has garnered lots of attention in the past few years, particularly after the publication of Born to Run (by Christopher McDougall) and The Barefoot Book. Since the publication of his book, Dr. Howell has been interviewed about the movement on national and cable television, as well as major print and radio outlets around the world. Here are some of his interviews and other media coverage of barefooting.

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In print:
● The Drudge Report
The Washington Post
Popular Science
Not All Barefooters Are Bandits
Barefoot & Grounded
L'Espresso (Italy)
DagensNaeringsliv (Norway)
Energy Times
Lynchburg Living
Liberty Champion
Liberty Journal

Radio & Podcast:
● Marc Germain (Talk Radio One)
● Lanigan & Malone (Cleveland)
● Radio New Zealand
● Livin' La Vida Low Carb Show
Mike McConnell (WGN Chicago)
● Jay Thomas (XM/Sirius)
Ron & Don Show (Seattle)
● Murphy in the Morning (Greensboro)
● Brian Estridge (Dallas/Fort Worth)
● Jenn Richard (Washington DC)
● Bob Steele (Little Rock)
● Paul Ladd, World Christian Radio
Jes Constantine, American Humanist Association
Al Gauthier, The Living Barefoot Show
Mark Edwards, Victory FM (WRVL)


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